Jarred Fell brings Kiwi Comedy to NBC's "Bring The Funny"

Hitting US screens this July, Jarred Fell goes up against some of the world’s best up and coming Comics in NBC’s new competition reality show, Bring The Funny.

bring the funny art main.jpg

With judges Chrissy Tiegen, Jeff Foxworthy, and Kenan Thompson, Bring The Funny is more than just a competition for Stand-Up. The show will also feature sketch performers and a “Variety” section, for those comedians who refuse to be put into a box - including Jarred Fell.

Hosted by Amanda Seales, Bring The Funny premieres on NBC on Tuesday, 9 July, 2019, following America’s Got Talent.

Be sure to tune in and cheer on Jarred as he goes up against the next stars of comedy, performing in front of a live audience, for his chance to win $250,000 and show America what this little hobbit can do!

Bring The Funny - Jarred.jpg